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Aircraft Rinsing and Washing Equipment

Aircraft Wash and Rinse Systems for Military, Commercial and Private Aviation Maintenance

Aircraft rinsing and aircraft washing are critical in commercial and military aircraft maintenance. Riveer is the leader in aircraft wash equipment, aviation washing systems, aircraft rinse carts, in line wash rack systems and in clear water rinse systems for aircraft washing and corrosion mitigation.

Riveer Tactical Rinse System Deployed to Indonesia

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Among our growing list of Riveer Clear Water Rinse Systems (CWRS) for cargo planes, fighter jets, sub chasers, passenger planes and helicopters:

  • Tactical Rinse System for rotor wing and small fixed-wing aircraft
  • US Army Tactical Rinse System for CH-47 / H-60 / AH-64
  • US Airforce Aircraft Wash System for A10
  • USMC Manual Wash System for MV22 / CH53
  • US Navy Clear Water Rinse System for P8
  • Columbia AF / USAF Wash Rack for C130
  • US Navy Clear Water Rinse System for P8
  • United Airlines Aircraft Wash System
  • USCG Clear Water Rinse System for C130 / HH60
  • USMC Wash Rack for MV22 / CH53
  • US Army Tactical Rinse System for MH-47 / MH-60 / AH-64
  • Aircraft Wash System for MV22 / C130
  • USAF Clear Water Rinse System for B1 / B52 / C130 / F15
  • WLTF B-52 Wash Rack
  • Fire Scout Helicopter Wash Rack
spraying aircraft

Aircraft Rinse Cart (ARC)

Meets the military aircraft rinsing and pressure guidelines in TM 1-1500-344-23-2.
Rinse Cart

TAWS next Coast Guard helicopter

Total Aircraft Washing System (TAWS®)

With high-pressure foamer, TAWS covers the side of a CH47 in less than 60 seconds.

rinse cart on the flight line

ACDS Mobile Aircraft Wash and Rinse Cart

Wash and Rinse Aircraft on the Flightline with Hot Water and Foam
Wash Cart

KC 135 rinse on the runway

Birdbath Clear Water Rinse System

Taxi through CWRS process requires less than 2 minutes to rinse even the largest aircraft.

spraying aircraft

Tactical Rinse System (TRS)

Automatic clear water rinse system is fully deployable and installed above ground.

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Why Clear Water Aircraft Rinsing?

According to the Air Force Corrosion Prevention and Control Office (AFCPCO), the USAF alone spends upwards of $2 billion annually on corrosion maintenance. Aircraft rinsing with clear water after a mission is one of the most effective methods for removing contaminates, salt, or sand that contribute to corrosion. Riveer has developed several low pressure, high volume systems for washing and clear water rinsing fixed wing and rotary aircraft of all configurations, giving flight line personnel, crew chiefs and maintenance departments the tools they need to combat this costly and highly damaging foe. Find out more about the Riveer ARCAWSTAWS® and BirdBath CWRS.

The importance of aircraft washing and rinsing has taken center stage in both military and commercial aviation as corrosion is now seen as a significant catalyst in airframe and component rework and failure.