ACDS Mobile Aircraft Washing

ACDS in front of large aircraft

Aircraft Cleaning on the Flightline with Hot Water and Foam

The Riveer ACDS is a hydraulic powered aircraft wash cart with upgraded capabilities allowing fixed wash rack assets in a mobile solution. Two hot water (no more than 140 degree F) rinse wands provide 8 gpm EA at an aircraft safe 30, 80, or 175psi. The onboard air compressor and foam system delivers a dirt busting 50+ gallons of foam per minute, matching or exceeding hard mounted foam systems. The new and improved turbine flush system allows for delivery of gas path cleaner or rinse water at 2.5gpm, 5gpm, or 10gpm – allowing the ACDS to do a turbine flush system on a variety of power plants or multi-engine aircraft.

The onboard compressor can provide up to 18 cfm at 90psi for bleed band closure and other requirements.   An onboard generator includes a convenience outlet with a standard 120v outlet for additional power needs.   The compact design allows internal air transport in the Chinook and larger aircraft plus the unit can be forklifted onto a trailer, train-car, shipping container, or loading dock.

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Backside of ACDS
Control panel of ACDS
Backside of ACDS
wash cart with hot water foaming
Backside of ACDS
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