Monitor Vault for Airfield Aircraft Systems

monitor vault spraying water

Retractable Rinse Water Delivery

The Riveer Monitor Vault is designed for aircraft rinse system configurations located in trafficked areas or where obstruction height concerns exist.

Engineered to withstand the load associated with taxi-way traffic, the Riveer Monitor Vaults are certified to withstand the heaviest aircraft, fuel trucks, fire and rescue vehicles – meeting load requirements of modern airfield construction. Each vault is equipped with hydraulic and mechanically operated lids for automated use and easy access. A range of features ensure reliable operations in any environment. Both humidity and temperature control are standard, with a high capacity sump system, alarms, lights, safety lock-outs, and of course, a Riveer automated water delivery monitor and nozzle system.

Unlike an open-pit design, a closed Riveer Vault does not pose safety issues with airfield traffic or field maintenance equipment. PLC controlled operation means the vault can open and be ready to spray in 30 seconds, keeping aircraft and crews on schedule. Monitor Vault lid is triggered by the activation of the rinse system eliminating the need for operator interface – all actions are computer controlled by the rinse system PLC. This relatively fast cycle reduces FOD, airborne dirt and grime exposure, reduces UV exposure, eliminates ice and freeze damage.

The Monitor Vault is an integral component in a clear water rinse system ( Bird Bath ) in the delivery of over carriage rinse water. Typically, a group of 4 vaults would be positioned on the corners of the rinse pad and would work in unison to deliver airframe specific rinse water delivery at volumes of 200-1000 GPM per monitor.

Marketed to military and commercial aviation customers, the Riveer Monitor Vault would be engineered as an option as part of the Riveer Tactical Rinse System (TRS) or the Riveer Birdbath Rinse System.

Monitor vault hatch cover