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Retracting Rinse Water Delivery

South Haven, Michigan  . . .Riveer, manufacturer of aircraft rinse systems and wash carts, has introduced the Riveer Monitor Vault designed for aircraft rinse system configurations located in trafficked areas or where freeze protection is required.

Engineered to withstand the load associated with taxi-way traffic, the Riveer Monitor Vault vaults are certified to withstand the weight of the heaviest aircraft, fuel trucks, fire and rescue vehicles, meeting load requirements of modern airfield construction.  Each vault is equipped with hydraulic and mechanically operated lids for automated use and easy access.  A range of features ensure reliable operations in any environment, both humidity and temperature control are standard, with a high capacity sump system, alarms, lights, safety lock-outs and of course a Riveer automated water delivery monitor and nozzle system.

Unlike an open pit design, a closed Riveer Vault does not pose a safety issues with snow removal or field maintenance equipment,  local grade for the most stringent airfield requirements.   A close to fully operating cycle in under 30 seconds reduces waiting time for rinse operations to essentially real-time for taxi operations. No delay, no set-up, just taxi up and the nozzles raise, rinsing effectively and then retract into a heated and dehumidified dry environment until they are needed again.  This relatively fast cycle reduces FOD, airborne dirt and grime exposure, reduces UV exposure, eliminates ice and freeze damage.

The Monitor Vault is equipped with automated water delivery systems from 200-1200 GPM with highly accurate CNC operated positioning for true 3d spray control.   This results in accurate water delivery over large distances and area coverage that is accurate and repeatable.  The automated operation of the Monitor and Vault tends to itself in freezing conditions, opening when prompted and closing after rinse cycle.

Marketed to commercial and military aviation, the Riveer Monitor Vault can be engineered as an optional water delivery system on the Riveer TRS or Riveer Birdbath. The company’s initial installation is operating at the United States Air Force 316th Wing Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

About Riveer 
Riveer is a global leader in Engineered Wash Water Recovery Systems for commercial, industrial, municipal and military applications. Riveer technology addresses the unique challenges of pressure washing hardware, vehicles and aircraft, followed by the recovery and filtration of wash water. Having developed the first environmentally-compliant wash rack, Riveer’s product line today includes well known MudMaster™, BirdBath, TAWS® , ACDS and TRS systems, as well as turnkey design/build systems installations. Riveer’s engineering team, ISO 9001 certified manufacturing process and world-wide service capabilities make Riveer the go-to name in wash water recovery and corrosion mitigation systems that deliver high performance, ease of use and unmatched dependability.